Vegan Keto: 4 Pros and Cons

Vegan Keto: 4 Pros and Cons

A look at 4 pros and 4 cons around a vegan diet. Comparing vegan keto to standard keto as well as a standard vegan diet all while looking at the research.
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Ruth May:

Buzzfeed – Guy Tries Vegan Keto:

Keto Basics Study:

Standard Low Carb increased Artery Clogging Study:

Alzheimer’s and Ketogenic Diets:

Adverse Effects on a Keto Diet:

Keto = 3,000x more kidney stones than children should have:

Dark Undereye Posts:

Keto and under eye bags from keto

Cure for keto related bags under the eyes/dark circles? from keto

Higher Fiber Associated with Lower Death Rate Study:

Fiber = Lower Inflammation Study:

NIH Keto Study:

BROAD Vegan Weight Loss Study:

Eco-Atkins 6 Month Study:

High Animal vs High Vegetable Low Carb Diet Mortality:

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